Mick Philpott flirted with mortuary staff as he identified bodies of his kids

Twister child killer Mick Philpott flirted with mortuary staff and made sexual comments about their breasts as his kid’s bodies lay nearby.

The monster was jailed in 2016 after being found guilty of causing the deaths of six of his children by arson in May 2012.

Police were left appalled by his antics as he prepared to identify the bodies of five of his children, reports the Daily Star.

Retired detective superintendent Paul Callum, who helped to lead investigations into the fire in Osmaston, Derby, revealed: “He chatted up the mortuary technicians.

“He made inappropriate comments about their breasts, about things he wanted to do with them sexually.

“He would then collapse into a pile and pretend he was upset. Then he’d sit up and say something inappropriate. He was a very strange character.

“At the mortuary we know that he called his children ‘little s**ts’, which in any context that children have died, I don’t know how that can be deemed as appropriate.”

Philpott’s former friend Mick Russell was with him during the visit. He was also appalled by what he witnessed.

Mick said: “He was smiling and cracking jokes and that. And then we went in and had the children in the room.

“They was all lined up. Five little kids lying there with burns on their arms and hands. I just broke down crying.”

Philpott’s behaviour left detectives convinced the father of 17 was responsible for the May 2012 fire.

Five of the children died at the scene and a sixth passed away days later in hospital. Forensics expert Rebecca Jewell spent hours going through evidence.

In a documentary for Channel 5, she said: “We had liquid fuel samples, we had petrol cans, we had clothing, we had fire debris. Police needed that link between Philpott and the fire.”

Rebecca and her team found traces of petrol additives on clothes he had worn on the night of the fire.

She added: “I remember speaking to the DS and saying, ‘Right, I’ve got the results for you’.

“He relayed that to the officers that were in the room with him and I could hear a lot of cheering, a lot of whooping.”

A year later, Philpott was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to life in prison with a minimum 15-year term.

Also convicted were his wife Mairead and friend Paul Mosley.