Week of more rain ahead after Britain lashed by heavy downpours, gales and hail

A sodden week lies ahead for beleaguered Brits after torrential rain hit the country on Saturday.

With millions of people across the country now living under stricter coronavirus lockdowns, there will be little chance to enjoy the outdoors.

The Met Office has forecast rain throughout the week, with northern parts of the country to get the worst of the weather.

On Saturday, Britain was battered by gales of up to 50 miles an hour and torrential rain has sparked a flood warning at the River Stort near Stansted Airport.

Coastal areas were battered by strong winds on Saturday, with huge waves striking the shores.

The rain will be less persistent today, but heavy showers with hail and thunder could hit anywhere, but especially in the West and on the south coast.

The sunnier conditions in the South East will be a brief respite with miserable wet weather returning next week.

The Met Office says rain will be particularly bad on Tuesday and Thursday next week, with blustery showers on Wednesday.

Monday will bring sunshine to the South East and South West, but prolonged rain further north.

A mix of sunny intervals and showers, some of these heavy with possible hail or thunder almost anywhere but particularly in the west and south. Showers fewest in some eastern areas. Windy especially in the northwest. Less mild.

Clear intervals and blustery showers, some heavy with possible hail or thunder in western areas and some English Channel coasts. More general rain across parts of the north.

Sunny intervals and showers, some of the showers heavy, and in the north rather prolonged. Some southern and western areas seeing more sunshine later. Breezy and probably feeling rather cool.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:
Dry start Tuesday, before rain spreads east across all areas, perhaps lingering in the far northeast. Sunshine and blustery showers Wednesday, before further rain spreads across most areas Thursday.